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Omez inicio

Omez inicio

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Product Description

  • Accelerate hair growth and detangle hair easily.
  • Reduce dandruff, dirt & oil build-up
  • Tame frizzy hair and tangles
  • Repair thinning hair & balding 
This package consist of the omez Asher Growth shampoo, omez Nourishing leave in conditioner, Omez don’t be bald hair growth oil, ometere and 5oz Omez Eveything and more Chebe butter.
This package is specially made for you if you have a relaxed hair, a fine hair, a thin hair and if your hair is not too thick.
Let’s help you get started today on your haircare journey with Omez inicio.

If your hair is thicker, dry, Natural and fuller, you could get the Omez Deluxe. Search for Omez deluxe on the search bar of the website to get started with your Haircare journey.
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