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African black soap

Uses & Benefits of Raw African Black Soap for Skin
  • Good for Sensitive Skin Types.
  • Soothes & Heals Eczema.
  • Reduces Blemishes & Dark Spots.
  • Fights Facial & Body Acne. ...
  • Calms Psoriasis.
  • Reduces Oily Skin.
  • Minimizes Fine Lines & Wrinkles.

  • Limited stock available 

    Authentic African black soap is all natural and does not contain dyes or fragrances. It has several potential health benefits for the skin, including reducing acne, soothing mild skin irritations, and leaving a person feeling clean.

    It Helps to Maintain a Healthy Scalp
    Since African black soap is naturally antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial it is an excellent ingredient for promoting a healthy scalp and preventing dandruff.

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Eli K.

This product is amazing, chebe hair butter and the kakar oil. I was spent a lot of many for my daughter hair finally I found what I was looking for. I recommend it 💯 💯 guaranteed. Omez beauty products is the best.


I absolutely LOVE this product. I’ve been using it June, just after I cut my hair and I have to say my hair grow back as if I never cut it 😍 I am currently waiting on my second order 💖


My hair was so damaged and always broke off. Ever since I’ve been using the Omez chebe butter it has not broken off anymore it has strength and I still relax my hair. I only started using 3 months ago but the results are amazing!


I don’t have to use anything else for a moisturizer. And my hair never looked so healthier..Kudos to Omez!!!


My hair was broken off and extremely short and thinner. I now have about an inch of growth and my hair is a lot more thicker. Thanks to Chebe butter! 🤗


I started using it about a month a 1 an1/2 ago it stop breaking off plus it look so much healther its worth the money

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African black soap

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Regular price $15.99
Regular price $25 Sale price $15.99