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Starter package includes 
Chebe butter
Don’t be bald hair growth oil

How to use the starter pack for results

Karkar Oil is another name for sessame seed oil.kakar Oil comprised of Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Iron Zinc,etc.The Indian tribes use Karkar or sessame seed oil in their Indian Hair Growth Oil as a base oil.  Indian women have always been known for their healthy floor length hair or longer. kakar oil can be used on both scalp and hair.

The Chebe plant is a wonderful all natural plant grown only in Africa and is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin A and B12 just to name a few. Chebe powder makes the hair unbreakable.



The chebe butter  has been proven to keep the hair moisturize,unbreakable and lubricated while aiding length retention. It also helps to prevent dandruff. The Chebe butter can be applied on both the scalp and haiir.


This should be applied twice in a day for results. Works for alopecia,thinning hair,balding,edges and promotes hair growth.

This bundle comes with A FREE CHEBE POWDER 

How to mix Karkar oil to Omez Chebe Powder

  1.  Initially start with clean conditioned, detangled sectioned hair.
  2. In a plastic or glass bowl, depending on the thickness and length of your hair, place the desired amount of  Chebe Powder.  My hair is lets say bra strap length, I would mix about 3 tablespoons of Chebe Powder and about 6 tablespoons of Karkar Oil in the bowl.
  3. Stir with a plastic spoon.  You should have a loose soupy mixture.
  4. Dip fingers in the Karkar and Chebe Powder mixture and coat each strand evenly
  5. Braid each section up and leave your hair alone for about 4-5 days
  6. After 4-5 days, rinse hair in shower and without washing this time, reapply to hair strands and braid hair back up.  Continue to repeat the above steps until desired hair length is reached.
  7. Wash hair every 2 weeks or  you wash it once per month.  The Karkar and Chebe combo mixture will penetrate the hair shaft and the hair follicles and If you follow my strict routine, you will see a healthier longer stronger head of hair.
  8.  This mixture will in essence lock in moisture to dry damaged hair and impart all those vitamins and nutrients from the Chebe Powder into the hair.

The Starter bundle is all you need to kickstart your hair growth journey.




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